Zi Jin Tang – Taste For Life

Zi Jin Tang – Taste For Life

Who we are

Zi Jin Tang (Tasteforlife), the leading brand in Maternal Care, has reinvented the traditional ‘confinement diet’ to suit modern lifestyle of mothers and their new-borns.

It is believed in Chinese Culture that postnatal recovery is the key to women’s health and wellbeing and so the 30-day confinement period is critical for new mothers. This postpartum regimen assists women by accelerating recovery, helping them to regain strength, vitality whilst boosting nutrition for optimum breastfeeding.

What to expect

Zi Jin Tang – Taste For Life offers quality products and services that assist women in boosting the nutrition and knowledge throughout the cycle of womanhood. These include: 

  • Postpartum Care: DIY Meals, Exclusive Soup Packs, Lactation Soup, and Post Natal Care Tips. 
  • Postpartum Drink: Glutenous Rice Water, Postnatal Drinks 
  • Miscarriage Care: Meal plans, and tips
  • Menstrual Care: Meal Package, and tips
  • Maternity Products: Breast Comb, Bathing packs, and Body Care Waistband.

Visit us because 

Zi Jin Tang – Taste For Life is dedicated to delivering nutritious meal packs, quality knowledge, and helpful tips to women of all ages and walks of life. Visit Taste For Life and find out how their products and services can assist you in bettering your nutrition, health, and wellness!

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