Zarpar Bebê

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My aim is to empower you to be able to change your life with natural solutions.

Who we are

My name is Jemma and I am the designer and creator of all of the beauty you see in Zarpar Bebê.  I am a mumma (probably like you) to 3 beautiful little beings. 

We work closely with the beautiful women of a social-business organisation based out of rural Nepal.  They work towards strengthening the livelihoods of financially deprived and marginalised home based women workers.

What to Expect

The unique and beautiful fabrics of our carriers are handwoven by the hard working woman of Darchula, in the far regions of Nepal. They are then lovingly pieced together by a group of talented home based women workers in Bali, Indonesia. Working towards strengthening the livelihoods of those marginalised women workers. Because we care about the people who make our carriers as much as who we make them for.

Our carriers are made using 100% Linen – a fabric that feels cool to the touch.  It is one of the natural worlds most absorbent materials and can take on alot of moisture before actually feeling damp.  It also has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth.

 Visit us because

We create beautiful, ethical baby carriers that also help support marginalised women in Nepal and Indonesia. 

There are many benefits to wearing your baby, including happier, smarter babies, an increase in convenience and freedom for you the Mama, handsfree breastfeeding, building bonds and a decrease in post partum depression. 


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