Wild Spirit Snakes

Wild Spirit Snakes 

Who we are

As a wildlife carer Jill rescued and cared for many reptiles injured due to peoples fear of them.  So Wild Spirit Snakes came to life to educate all ages to understand Australian diversity of snakes and lizards.

Jill  has been an active Volunteer Wildlife Carer for over 20 years, rescuing and caring for our feathered and furred wildlife. In 2002 Jill became aware more carers were needed, especially with our snakes (pythons, venomous, colubrids and sea snakes), as most of their injuries were sustained from humans who feared or misidentified snakes. In her shows and parties, Jill’s goal is to educate the willing as to the beauty and essential nature of an animal so often killed through fear and misunderstanding. Jill’s passion for snakes and other reptiles combined with her excellent rapport with children has lead her to work in schools, childcare centres, and with scouts. 

What to expect

You can come up close and personal to live pythons, blue tongue and bearded dragon! Jill’s workshops are highly entertaining and extremely educational for audiences of all ages. Her workshops entail: 

  • Holding snakes and reptiles 
  • Educating the audience on the nature of different snakes and reptiles
  • Discussing safety and awareness when it comes to snakes and reptiles. 
  • Promoting confidence instead of fear towards snakes and reptiles.  

Visit us because 

We are the only stall with live reptiles where you can:

  • Hold a snake or a lizard for a photo for small fee. 
  • Enter into the completion to WIN a child’s birthday party* (*Terms and Conditions apply)

Whether you are having a corporate gathering, a children’s party, or are just wanting to conquer a fear, Jill will take you each step of the way to understanding these beautiful animals. Visit Wild Spirit Snake to meet a variety of snakes and reptiles, and change the way you see our worlds animals!  

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