David Butcher – A.K.A The Recycleman

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The Recycleman Show

David Butcher, A.K.A The Recycleman, entertains children bringing them an engaging show that will leave an impression that will last a life time.

The RecycleMan Show activities and performance

The Recycleman teaches children about the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability by educating them on the council’s colour code bin system, and what can and can’t be recycled.

Through the use of songs, costumes, games, and visual aids, and with the energy and passion that is expressed by Recycleman, the children are engrossed and engaged throughout the 30-minute performance.

Come join Recycleman and learn the importance of recycling and environmental awareness!


Meet David Butcher

Recycleman has been developed by David Butcher, who was previously the Brisbane Coordinator for a children’s soccer company. Teaching for up to 300+ children every single week, David has picked up many skills and techniques to entertain and educate toddlers.

One of the biggest influences for the creation of Recycleman was understanding that by the time a child is just 5 years old, they have acquired 80% of their intellect and personality. Knowing how important these early years are, David has used his talent for entertaining children to bring them an engaging show that will leave an impression that will last a life time.


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