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Meet The Breastfeeding Association Team 

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a mission to support, educate, and advocate for a breastfeeding inclusive society. Their staff and volunteers work to provide assistance for women all over Australia who are breastfeeding through educational, financial, and health means. 

Their dedicated team of counsellors will be holding a seminar at this years Parenting Fair. Each speaker is an experienced breast feeding counsellor, holds a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education, and are mothers who have had personal experience in breastfeeding. 

Join the Australian Breastfeeding Association for their education seminar! 







Common booby traps, and how to overcome them 

Lots of mothers encounter challenges in the early days of breastfeeding a new baby. Most can be navigated with the right information, support and assistance. Come along and hear how you can avoid some of the more common booby traps, and what you can do if you find yourself in one.


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