Springfree Trampoline

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Springfree trampoline – the smart trampoline

Who we are

Invented by a Dad (and a professor of mechanical engineering), the Springfree Trampoline was built when a father of 3 wanted to purchase a trampoline for his children, but his wife said they were too dangerous. Through years of research and development, Dr. Keith Alexander reengineered the trampoline to eliminate 90% of the impact areas that cause product related injuries. His dedication and our belief that children deserve safe backyard play fuels our commitment to manufacturing the world’s safest trampoline.

What to expect

No springs, no hard edges, a hidden frame where it’s impossible to fall on and a flexible enclosure. Discover why we’re the world’s safest trampoline. Kids deserve safe backyard play that lasts. Our innovative design and high quality materials give you peace of mind that your kids are safe while having fun for years to come. 

Visit us because

Our commitment to safety and quality has been recognised globally with many awards both in Australia and around the world, making us the most awarded trampoline. With a 10 year warranty on all parts of the trampoline (net, mat, frame), how could you go wrong?



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