Söka Australia

Söka Australia

Who we are

Söka Australia, a new Brisbane based company created by Nicole Gibson has a commitment to sustainability through practical  innovation, style,  space saving, water saving, detergent saving and a focus of bringing organisation and sanity back to all Australian homes.

The Söka tub has a primary use for separately soaking soiled, coloured and delicate clothing all in the one space saving bucket which allows for multiple detergent use. The Söka tub therefore fits easily in the laundry sink with room to still wash your hands, and it looks sleek and stylish on any bench or bookshelf around the home. 

What to expect

The Söka tub places emphasis on environmental sustainability having benefits including: 

  • The conservation of water by having smaller vessels 
  • Reducing chemical detergents – Söka strongly encourages the use of natural detergents
  • Safe manual handling – by having smaller compartments, each box is easy to transport 
  • Recycling Water – Söka encourages its users to water their garden with left over water instead of tipping it down the drain. 
  • BPA free plastic – Söka is made out of food grade, BPA free plastic. 
  • Supports those with skin conditions – the draining lid ensures that people don’t come into contact with chemicals in the water. 

Along with its primary use of washing laundry, the Söka tub can be doubled as stylish storage for all things around the house, from sewing equipment to food storage. 

Visit us because 

Söka Australia is on the rise, creating an eco friendly alternative for laundry, home storage, and food storage. Visit Söka Australia to browse their range of stylish products, and take a step towards an eco and user friendly lifestyle! 

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