Shari Lyon

Guest Speaker

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How you can prepare for a positive birth

Shari Lyon from Belly2Birth Childbirth Education will share with you tips on what you can do to prepare for a positive birth. She will cover topics such as the common fear of childbirth, and will teach you how to overcome blockages through education and useful techniques. 



Meet Shari Lyon

Shari Lyon is an award-winning Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner and mum of 2. She has been teaching pregnant mothers and their birth partners for over 5 years the Hypnobirthing Australia program. Through this she taught expectant couples how they can achieve a calm, relaxed and positive birth. She has been teaching and inspiring couples on how they are designed to birth and then giving them valuable techniques to use during labour and birth so they can have a positive experience.

Shari was one of our speakers at last years Pregnancy and Baby Expo. She has also been a guest speaker at Expos and workshops in Gladstone as well as being interviewed on podcasts and featured on Channel 7 Gold Coast News. Shari also has been a keynote speaker at the annual Hypnobirthing Australia Conference held in Brisbane, Sydney and on the Gold Coast and has been awarded in the top 3 practitioners in Australia for the last 4 years running.

Shari is passionate about supporting, educating, and nurturing couples through their pregnancy to help them have the best experience possible.


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