Pain free. Anytime. Anywhere.

Who we are

PainPod is an Australian owned International brand that offers a range of portable physical therapy devices. As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, the PainPod brings natural to the body effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit to pro-sports, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone, at any age, wanting a pain free lifestyle. We are also widely used by leading doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports scientists.
What to expect
PainPod delivers the very latest scientific advances in biomedical, portable physical therapy medical devices. It has changed lives, improved quality of life and physical performance for many users in Australia, USA and the UK as individuals take the power and control of BioTechnology in their own hands.
Find us because
We’ll be offering free PainPod demonstrations for event-goers to feel and enjoy its effective pain relief. Also, with every device purchase, a free gift voucher will be included for future online purchases!

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