The Nail Snail

An all in one baby nail trimmer, file and under nail cleaner. Safe, simple and tear free.

Who we are

The Nail Snail produced by Christie & Christie, a family-run business based on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is 100% Australian owned. Julia Christie, mother of three and former primary school teacher, came up with the idea of the Nail Snail after yet another round of tears and bloodshed whilst using a traditional set of baby nail clippers to cut her baby boy’s nails. And so the Nail Snail was born!

What to expect

A revolutionary baby care product! Traditional baby nail clippers make it impossible to see if you’re cutting nails or fingers! Biting nails can cause infection and can easily spread nasty germs. Just using a nail file takes such a long time! The Nail Snail is safer, cleaner and faster!

The Nail Snail features:

•   Ambidextrous ergonomic easy-grip handle

•   Multi-directional cutting

•   No batteries or noisy moving parts

•   Compact, high-quality construction

•   100% Australian owned & designed

•   Dishwasher safe

•   Suitable for babies & children (0 – 5 years)

Visit us because

Cutting your baby’s nails doesn’t need to end in their (or your) tears. 

The Nail Snail won a 2018 Australian Good Design Award, ‘2018 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards – Editor’s Choice’ award and ‘2018 BIG Innovation Award’ by The Business Intelligence Group. 

Visit Nail Snail and try their amazing 3 in 1 baby nail clippers for yourself! The first 50 people to buy a Nail Snail will receive a free Offspring Magazine!



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