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Who we are

We want to give you more out of life through simple nutritional solutions to achieve wellness. Morlife provides a range of highly nutritious, delicious and convenient functional superfoods, specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

We stand apart from other health food manufacturers because all of our products are backed by research and are developed by a team of in-house nutritionists. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality functional superfoods, packed full of body-loving nutrients that come with a wealth of health benefits

What to expect

At the Morlife stand you will be able to try our hero products  “Greens Kidz” and “Clever kidz”. Tried and tested by our very own Morlife kiddies, Greens Kidz delicious berry taste will have your little ones asking for their daily dose, and you don’t have to worry about serving up any artificial flavours or sweeteners. Greens Kidz contains 22 super foods including greens, fruits & vegetables all naturally rich in essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium to support growing bodies and energy production all whilst providing the antioxidant equivalent of 6 serves of fruit and vegetables per one single serve!

Visit us because 

Morlife Clever Kidz is the ultimate brain food that tastes like chocolate & ticks all the boxes. Parents can be assured that our chocolate drink does not only taste good, but also offers a wide breadth of nutrients. Brighten your child’s day with this tasty, convenient and easy, concentrated functional formulation developed to support your kid’s neurological function# with B vitamins, iron & much more! Clever Kidz is the perfect chocolatey treat for your little genius.

We have created exclusive parenting fair deals and promotions this year at the Morlife stand, so be sure to add Morlife to your list of stalls to visit.  

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