The Mindful Mama Co.

The Mindful Mama Co – A Maternity Wellness Hub

Who we are

The creation of The Mindful Mama Co. is to bring acceptance and support for women who need a sanctuary. A place to come and share, to debrief if needed, to connect, learn, focus, and develop not just as mothers but as people too. Founder of the Mindful Mama Co, Amy, is a registered nurse and midwife, with a specialty in lactation. 

What to expect

Interactive online classes and support to combine mindfulness and antenatal education. There is the option for a 12 week course or individual standalone modules, depending on the areas you need extra education. Amy also offers private antenatal and post natal classes if you are in need of extra care, including overnight stays for the mother who needs some sleep. Amy also coordinates and runs pregnancy yoga retreats to combine yoga principles with labour, birth and breastfeeding education.

Visit us because

 Make this journey into motherhood more rewarding, supportive, nurturing, and fun! You can cancel your membership at any time, no fees apply. 



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