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Meet Dr Madeeha Khan

Dr Madeeha Khan has been working at the Myobrace Pre-Orthodontic Center since 2016. Throughout her time at university, she believed there was more to dentistry than just drilling and filling teeth. This belief was further cemented through her experience with patients, young and old, at the Myobrace Center. Dr Khan is passionate about improving the overall health of children, and her desire to work at the Myobrace Center stemmed from her belief that early intervention can change the course of paediatric health. In addition to working in the Myobrace clinics, Dr Khan is also responsible for providing treatment support, education and advice to Myobrace members and practitioners using The Myobrace System in Australia and internationally. At the beginning of 2017, she joined MRC’s lecturing team to share her knowledge and passion for The Myobrace System, and its long-lasting impact on the overall health of her patients.




Crooked Teeth in your family: causes and prevention of a modern epidemic

It is almost a rite of passage that our children grow up and get braces. But very few of us, including professionals, stop and contemplate on where this disease comes from? We assume that it must be genetic and that there is no other option but braces.

Well what if we told you that this explanation makes absolutely no sense, and that there IS something you can do to prevent it?

We are the only mammal to suffer from this issue to the extent that we do and more evidence is piling on that in most cases crooked teeth is not a genetic condition you’re born with and it may be a symptom of something much more sinister…

Join myself and my colleague, Dr Emad Ahangari, for this presentation where we will cover where crooked teeth come from, what diseases they’re associated with and what you can do to prevent this modern epidemic.



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