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Preventing milk spillage + sweat rash while breastfeeding

Feeding time for baby can be messy and uncomfortable whether you are in public or not. We have a way to help protect your clothes from overspray and milk spits as well as helping to prevent the sweat rash that can sometimes occur from the skin on skin contact between mums arm and the back of baby’s head. 

Join Lisa Collis in her seminar to learn techniques on how to avoid these common breastfeeding issues. 


Meet Lisa Collis

Lisa Collis created the Smylyn Bubby Cover for her girls, and after a lot of interest from friends and passers by she decided to patent the idea. She started an online store and has been promoting the product at Expos around Australia. The Bubby Cover has been very well received and is the only feeding cover that addresses the issue of milk spillage and sweat rash while remaining small, light, and stylish.


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