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Learning to support young children through big emotions and behaviours

At times, the speed that children’s behaviour can be overtaken by big emotions can come as quite a surprise for parents. One minute everything is pretty normal, and suddenly, something that seems pretty insignificant, becomes a full blown, legs flailing temper tantrum. For others, they can see the warning signs brewing that their little one is about to have a temper tantrum of epic proportions but not sure how to prevent it. Understanding what is going on and knowing how to deal with those parenting moments is a big part of moving from frustrated to confident (and happier) parent. 

Join Lesley Jones for her seminar on how to recognise and respond to your child’s temper tantrums. 


Meet Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones is the Queensland State Manager at Goodstart. Lesley began her career providing early year’s programs for children and families in Long Day Care settings in Queensland. She has subsequently held a range of senior leadership and management positions for large scale Long Day Care organisations operating in multiple states across Australia. Lesley has also operated a private consultancy providing professional development, coaching and mentorship for early childhood services.

In addition to operational roles Lesley has held academic positions and associate research roles in tertiary and the vocational education sectors. Lesley has a particular interest in early childhood professional practice and leadership in the early years. Her PhD dissertation was a multi case study involving participants form Long Day Care, Sessional Preschool and Family Day Care and explored educator’s perspectives of their capacity to support the development of social competence in young children. 


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