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How to set up your own online business

They say when you have a child it is life changing and for many mothers the desire or demand to return to the workplace is strong. If you have a desire to start your own business, however are unsure where to start, Leisa, founder of the Little Kids Business Marketplace can give you some top tips on how to set up an online business of your own.



Meet Leisa Papa

In October 2015 Leisa received her first ever copy of her picture book ” Daniel and the Dummy Fairy”. She was so proud and excited to have written a children’s book dedicated to her two children Daniel and Sophie. However, her excitement soon turned to concern as over the next year she struggled to be found on the internet and make sales. The realisation hit that free websites are not free and that the cost of running a small online business paying for Adwords and SEO etc while sharing my revenue with distributors and retail stores was outweighing her tiny profits.

With 12 years of Business Advisory and Sales Management experience, her alarm bells were ringing. From her vast experience working with buying groups and franchises, she knew that working with like-minded people was the answer to her success. This would lead to negotiating better postage rates, sharing Marketing expenses and creating a profitable business. Leisa set about researching and developing her concepts, and at last created the Little Kids Business Marketplace.

More than an e-commerce site, Little Kids Business provides customers with the opportunity to gain access close to 90 Brands all in the same place. Each store represents a wonderful Creator with passion and drive. Support them by supporting Little Kids Business.


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