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Wild spirit snakes and lizards 

Ssh! Don’t tell the children they are learning…. the best way to learn is having fun!

Jill will share many interesting facts about our Reptiles. Most importantly, Jill will teach your Children ” What to do when they see a Snake” so that both your child and the snake remain safe. 



Meet Jill Zimmermann

Jill Zimmermann is an experienced, entertaining & informative public speaker with regular appearances on Totally Wild & Woodford Folk Festival & Go Bush & Connect with Nature Program plus many more.

Jill’s Passion for Snakes & other Reptiles began in 2002 whilst being an Active Volunteer Wildlife Carer. As many of their injuries where from people being afraid of them. This is when Jill chose her new direction in her work… Educating the general public giving them an Understanding of Snakes.


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