Green Kids Co

Green Kids Co

Who we are

My name is Rebecca Tapper and I’m the founder of Green Kids Co. I’m a mum of two beautiful girls, childcare centre owner, naturopath and nutritionist. Green Kids Co. was born out of the concern for the harmful the chemicals that we unknowingly expose our children and the environment to through everyday products. It was created with the vision to offer affordable, toxin-free, and superior quality products that benefit children and the Earth.

Our company is committed to sharing accredited industry knowledge on health and nutrition while supporting products that are sustainably developed with a focus on reducing the environmental impact through both production and consumption.

What to expect

All Green Kids Co. products are sustainably developed with a focus on reducing environmental impact in both their production and consumption. We think if it has a negative impact on nature then it has to have an equal, if not worse, impact on the kids of today.

We offer a great variety of products including: 

  • Wipes – Made from the bare essentials to be outrageously soft, clean, green and offer the highest eco-quality on the market.
  • Nappies/ Nappy Pants – Our outrageously soft, clean, green nappies offer the highest eco-quality on the market. They’re 100% toxin free and made from feather-soft, organic, planet-friendly materials.

Visit us because 

At Green Kids Co., we work to provide high quality, eco friendly nappies for children, so both your child and our planet receive the best care possible. Visit our stall to browse our products and make the switch to chemical free, eco friendly nappies! 

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