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Goodstart Early Learning

Find Goodstart Early Learning at the Gold Coast Parenting Fair!

Goodstart was founded on a vision of giving children the best possible start in life through access to quality early learning.

Who we are

Goodstart Early Learning is a not-for-profit social enterprise offering quality early learning, for children from six weeks to school age, in our network of 649 centres across Australia. Our team is passionate about the benefits of early learning and works together with families and the wider sector, to make a positive impact on the future of Australia’s children, irrespective of their life circumstances.  Our play-based learning approach offers children age-appropriate, stimulating learning experiences to support their development as they prepare for school and life.  

What to expect

Goodstart is now turning its attention to demonstrating the impact of early learning on children’s development. We are partnering with international experts to develop our own Outcomes Framework and add to the Australian early learning evidence base. This is crucial if we are to continue to influence policy and attract public and private sector investment in the early years.

Every day, 13,400 Goodstart staff support over 58,000 families and the 69,600 children that attend our 645 childcare centres nation-wide. 

Three core principles drive our work and guide every aspect of our operation:

1. Children are central to everything we do2. Families are our primary partner3. Being a valued member of the community

Visit us because

We believe children who have access to quality early learning see long-lasting benefits through their schooling and beyond to later life. In just eight years of operating, Goodstart has improved its early learning quality to well above sector standards with 92 percent of Goodstart centres assessed in the FY17-18 year found to meet or exceed the National Quality Standard.

We have established 40 intensive support centres in disadvantaged communities and provided specialist training to more than 130 centres to better support vulnerable children. Goodstart also played a major role in securing the increases in child care funding and improvements to the treatment of vulnerable and at risk children under the new Jobs for Families Package.


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