Eduplay Company

Eduplay Company

Who we are

The Eduplay Company’s vision is to empower parents in supporting their children while reaching their milestones in a fun and creative way. Our mission is to expose kids to a variety of activities based on educational outcomes to maximise a good foundation for further learning. We provide children with play boxes that are educational, preparing  kids for their next learning adventure: primary school. These boxes are age appropriate, ranging from 2 months old – 6 years old, and contain enough fun activities to have a whole month worth of educational experiences. 

What to expect

Our Eduplay Boxes are designed to assist children in building their: 

  • Fine Motor Skills: Draw, string, cut and paste! These activities focus on your child’s hands and fingers!
  • Gross Motor Skills: Roll, sit, crawl, run and jump! These activities help with your child’s muscle development, which leads to better brain development.
  • Sensory Skills: Activities to help stimulate your child’s senses! Easy recipes, with all the ingredients already measured! And advice on how to contain the mess!
  • Music and Speech:  Words to traditional and original songs as well as rhymes to help with your child’s rhythm and musical development, which in turn helps with speech development.
  • Crafts and Art: Fold, paint, stick and cut! Art supplies for art projects that will become your child’s favourite toys!

Visit us because 

Helping children grow their skills and kickstart their learning process is our main passion! Come and visit us to find out more on our Eduplay Boxes and the benefit they can have in your child’s education experience! 


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