Boho Babes at the Parenting Fair

Boho Babes

Find Boho Babes at the Gold Coast Parenting Fair

We believe it is our responsibility to sustain a healthy environment to pass onto our children. 

Who we are

Boho Babes are an Australian owned and operated modern cloth nappy store situated in the beautiful Gold Coast. We have designed a unique range of cloth nappies in a range of stunning designs! 

What to expect

Our nappies are a one-size-fits-most design with three rows of adjustment snaps at the front allowing for a great fit. The nappies are designed to fit from just under 4kgs to around 18kgs. Our nappies also have wing snaps that prevent the wings from drooping and keep a firm (but gentle) fit around bubs thighs. 

We have sourced the talents of  of watercolour, chalk and portrait artists from across Australia and the USA to produce a range of whimsical prints for our Boho Babes nappies. 

Visit us because

Every disposable nappy that has ever been used is still in existence today, as it takes 500 years for disposable nappies to biodegrade. By using cloth nappies you are reducing the amount of single use disposable nappies that end up in landfill each year. This number is estimated to be around 800 million nappies in Australia ALONE. 

Cloth nappies also reduce your child’s exposure to chemical components otherwise found in disposable nappies. They are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.




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