Bluebird Early Education Robina at the Parenting Fair

Bluebird Early Education Robina

Find Bluebird Early Education Centre Robina at the Gold Coast Parenting Fair

Bluebird Early Education Robina – dedicated to providing the most happy, safe and nurturing second home for your child.

Who we are

Bluebird Early Education is a family owned and operated business established by Adrian Fonseca and his wife Nancy.  With three children, Adrian and Nancy have a deep and personal understanding of the importance the early years play in establishing a solid learning foundation for life.  That is why Bluebird Early Education have made it their mission to “Ignite the Spirit of Learning”.

What to expect

At Bluebird, we are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing the most happy, safe and nurturing second home for your child.

Children are born with a natural curiosity and wonder and are keen investigators.  In their quest to understand and seek meaning we arrange learning environments, materials and events that foster this natural desire to inquire.  We believe in the importance of providing environments where children:

  • Can access real tools
  • Can research and investigate their theories
  • Be actively involved
  • Have choices and solve their own problems
  • Be involved in decisions
  • Have independence 
  • Can take risks (socially, intellectually and physically) whilst being supervised – this includes being an active part of risk assessment procedures in age appropriate ways.

Visit us because

Adrian and Nancy consider all of our educators,  parents and especially our children,  to be very special members of the Bluebird Early Education family and invite everyone to truly feel at home in our beautiful early learning environments. Parents choose Bluebird because:

  • The latest education technology
  • An extensive Pre-School/Kindergarten Program and school-readiness curriculum focusing on literacy and numeracy, language, science and social skills
  • Parent App providing regular updates and photos of your child’s learning journey
  • Nappy service
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Highly experienced and caring educators and Early Childhood Teachers
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Sun Smart Accredited



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